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Sunday 30 September 2018

Marketers Are Putting a New Face on Weed as They Navigate Regulations and Battle Stoner Stigma

The ad opens to a group of millennials wandering through the woods, the sun glistening through ...

How Nike’s $6 Billion Colin Kaepernick Campaign Put the Focus Back on Big Creative Ideas

The "traditional" agency is dead; data is king; consolidation is the word of the day.

An Inside Look at MedMen, Lauded as the ‘Apple Store of Weed’

With its sleek open-concept stores, MedMen--one of the earliest and perhaps best-known players ...

Top Marketers Explain How Emerging Tech Will Transform Their Industries

Year-to-year, week-to-week, even day-to-day technology can change.

Why CBD Marketers Are Turning to Endorsements to Get Their Message Out

As marketers work to counter the perception that marijuana is only for potheads, there's a simi ...


Explore use of advanced technology in giving information to differently-abled persons under RTI: SC

The AG told the bench that every time the authority receives an RTI application seeking informa ...


How Canada Is Failing its Citizens

Growing income inequality among Canadians calls into question the government's efficiency and p ...


Ian Poulter: Why the Ryder Cup is like a drug

The mad, bulging eyes, the guttural roar and the maniacal fist pump told you this was something ...


California high school students line up to spell out racial slur at senior picnic

A group of Southern California high school students face disciplinary action after spelling out ...

Poll: Do You think Modi Government will come back in power in 2019 ?
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